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Laurie - A big WELCOME to the Diabetes thread. It sounds like you have your diabetes under control, and have had a successful weight loss. Good for you! I hope you stick around.

When I was diagnosed and in the hospital, they were giving me a very generous breakfast. I ordered oatmeal every day and scrambled eggs, which were probably egg substitute. With that I could have 1 slice of toast and fruit, which was usually half a banana. And skim milk. I love milk, but don't usually drink it at home. It's very possible that the oatmeal was not causing a spike because I was eating it with the eggs and milk which both supply protein. The thing was, they were small portions....not what you would see on a restaurant breakfast. A very small portion of oatmeal, egg substitute equivalent to 1 egg. They gave me 2 small cartons of milk, maybe 4 oz each. I think the fact that I was getting all 4 food groups at breakfast kept my BS steady. I continued to follow that basic menu after I came home, but eventually that went by the wayside. I probably should have stuck with it.

I woke up from surgery and they were injecting insulin. I told them I was not diabetic and they said "Oh, yes you are!" I got insulin before each meal along with Metformin and Amaryl. By the time I left the hospital I no longer needed the insulin, so the diet definately brought my blood sugar down. Since that time my PCP took me off the Amaryl, but now I'm thinking I need it again because now I can't get a good reading to save my soul.

Trish - I didn't know they made instant steel cut oats. I basically only use a bit of artificial sweetener and some cinnamon in my oatmeal. When I'm ready to switch to steel cut I will look for the instant, and now I am definately going to go with the 1/4 cup of oatmeal and 1 egg with milk and some fruit. I don't buy a lot of fruit, but I have apples. And I buy those small cups of fruit for my grandson, and I like the pears, so that will also be an option. I think the pears are in juice rather than syrup. I also have some frozen fruit and a little carton of frozen blueberries in the freezer that I keep forgetting about.

- I heard about the home made yogurt on another board. I made it once in a little crockpot because I didn't have a yogurt maker. Now I bought a yogurt maker at Goodwill. New in the box, looks like they didn't use it much. I'm going to try again. The thing I like about homemade is that you can control the ingredients. Basically, you heat the milk, then let it cool to a specified temperature and add either some yogurt starter or some plain yogurt from the store. You turn off the crockpot, wrap a big towel around it to hold the heat, and I put it next to my heater vent in the dining room overnight. With the yogurt maker, you pour the mixture into the glass jars provided and leave it plugged in for 12 hours. Then refrigerate. It is not as thick as store bought yogurt. If you want it thicker you can use a cheese strainer to make what's called yogurt cheese.....the whey drips out of the strainer and the yogurt gets thicker.

If you or anyone else is interested, I have a couple recipes that I can post. I was nervous the first time I did it, but it was relatively easy. I talked to the dietician from the hospital about it and she assured me that is is not only safe, but preferrable to store bought yogurt. I think if you don't eat enough yogurt it's just easier to buy it. I see people at the store buying so much yogurt when it's on sale. they are the ones who need to make their own. I like it tart and plain, but you can add your own fruit, and one time I added some sugar free strawberry jam and just stirred it in. Another option is that Polenar All Fruit if it comes sugar free.

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