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The great thing about being really overweight is that you can eat a lot and still lose weight.

to do this, if you choose foods that are high in fibre and nutrition you will be more easily satisfied and will find it easy to lose the weight.

Mind you, i think you need to alway set rules and boundaries for yourself.

I don't know what your past diet history is but mine is intermittent and in recent years when i've taken a more mature approach (no fads) I have learned each time. Of course this time I'm hoping it will be my last.

If you eat healthy (and it seems a lot of people don't really know what healthy and nutritious is) then you will find it quite easy.

Basically the less processed the more you have to prepare your foods yourself; the less you can eat it straight from a packet, the more healthy your food is going to be. Whole foods, high fibre, high veggie content and high diversity.

Before you get near the end of your diet, make an effort to transition away from processed shakes to real food. we need to learn how to eat well for the rest of our lives. And be willing to commit to that sort of mission i think.

So that's why i'm giving up sweets forever. I mean if you are able to eat sweets in moderation, good luck to you and i envy you but i can't. Sugar just wants more sugar. Some people find that the case with high salted and added flavour foods.

Anyway good luck and hang in there. At least you are working with your doctors so that's a good move I think, though i am doing better than my doctor lol.

btw i don't rely on exercise for my weightloss. I would like to exercise more but it will come a bit later on when i am feeling better and when i am ready. For now and as the general rule goes, its 80% diet and 20% exercise for weightloss. But there are some nice healing exercise you can do now that shouldn't cause more damage or pain to your joints. Try tai chi or water aerobics if you want to get into exercise right now. Save walking and gym stuff till later. House cleaning and gardening are also really good because they have dimensions and don't cost much.

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