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Default The start of a new me

Forgive me for trespassing but the UK forum seems a bit quiet and I need all the support I can get. So I've cut and pasted my yesterday post in here

Just got back. I’ve had the go ahead from my doctor and being weighed and measured was a sobering experience I can tell you. Thank the lord the practice nurse was only slightly slimmer than me.
I am having 4 shakes a day (Shake that Weight) for 3 days to kick start me, and 3 a day with a healthy evening meal for the rest of the week. Then, after my first weigh in, I’ll take it from there.
I hope this euphoria I feel today will last. However I know if I do start to wander off the regime, I’ll get sympathy and support on here.
I also hope to set up a weight tracker, when the forum fairies allow me to. Apparently, there is something called ‘the ticker factory’ which is easy to set up so long as I ask someone on here which code to choose… It’s all Greek to me.
Here are my stats and I am deeply, deeply ashamed
Weight 18st 9lbs ( that's a gross 261lbs): Bust 53” waist 53” hips 58and a half” I look like an over the hill pear.
My husband ( 39 years come December) says he'll still love me if I look like the Goodyear blimp. But I can't go on gaining like this. My hips, knees and ankles are very sore, and stairs are getting to be a problem. I want to be fit again

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