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Good afternoon gals. I got up and took Jack to work this morning so I could keep the car as I wanted to go and get my nails done. I found a couple of cute tops at Walmart for only $13 each so bought an orange striped and a navy striped one to take on vacation. I looked around a bit then left. Jack called me while I was sitting in the car getting ready to text him about something. We were wondering about Medicare and Tricare as Jack's bday is Oct 10 and I have to pay the Tricare Prime premium in Sept for the quarter of Oct-Dec. I didn't want to pay for him, but didn't want him to be without coverage either so he called and talked to someone at Tricare and found out he is covered by Medicare starting Oct1 so that means Tricare for Life starts then too as his supplement so I only have to pay a single premium for myself. All worked out, which was great.

The nail place was crazy this morning. I went in and there were two ladies being worked on and they had just opened 5 minutes before. I sat for about 5 minutes or so while the dingbat women nail techs oohed and aahed over 3 boxes of mangoes one of the gals brought in. I was there about 5 minutes after that and in streamed the women. When I left they had 7 besides myself waiting for chairs. It isn't even a holiday weekend!

I went afterwards and got the car washed and vacuumed out even though it is supposed to rain on Sunday, as per usual it seems for commissary day. I went to Walgreens then picked up some lunch and came home. I put the clothes from the washer into the dryer, went to the bathroom, and sat down and ate a sandwich. When I was finished with my lunch I folded all the clothes and put them into the basket to take upstairs, hung up my coat, put away the stuff I bought and here I am!!!

It's going to be a sandwich kind of day because I imagine we will stop at the deli and get a couple to bring home tonight.

My sil didn't get to go skin diving yesterday with Thomas and Kelly because of his accident on the Sedgway. He really scraped up his arm pretty badly and I guess they wouldn't let him go or he decided not to go don't know which. Their ship is having a St Jude's charity event on the ship coming home and they ask Kelly to speak at it. She was all excited to be able to tell everyone about St Jude's today. They are supposed to be home on Sunday.

Jack starts his rib rehab next week. He has six sessions of some kind of ultrasound to heal it better. I know the poor man is awfully sore and I think part of that is sleeping in the bed now but I don't know.

You have a nice weekend. Faye
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