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Good Afternoon! Made a grocery run first thing this morning after putting the card club menu together. I usually end up make the same things every year after I sort through all of my recipes. Am I a creature of habit or what! We had sunshine early but it's clouding up in the western sky. This afternoon I need to keep working on the corner cleaning for card club, like anyone but me will notice.

Susan -- Thanks for the link; I will take a look! Bob's doctor told him to get the SB book and if the food is white, don't eat it!

Maggie -- What a nice surprise from Will! He is definitely a keeper! I agree about cats and dogs remembering. I took the carrier to the basement and Sonny goes out of his way to go too close to it.

"Gma" -- What looks different on your 3fc page? Mine looks like it always does. At least I think so. That's too bad about the necklace. Having to return things is a hassle for sure. We saw Segways in Maui, and our local police have one that they use in the parks. I think I would fall off! I've spent a few nights in the recliner too.

Bob will be home for lunch soon, so I'd better get a move on. Have a great day and enjoy!

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