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Originally Posted by karkrazy13 View Post
Okay, I'm a really confused The Quest Coconut Cashew bars should be fine because the total calories are 170 and the calories from fat is 50. If you multiply 50 x 3, you get 150, which is less than the 170 total calories. Since it's under 30% calories from fat and the net carbs are 4g (if you subtract the fiber and the sugar alcohols), wouldn't this bar be acceptable as a non-restricted?

I guess I'm not understanding why these would be restricted when they follow the IP guidelines... can you (or anyone) explain why they are restricted?

Also, if the Quest bars are indeed restricted, what can I substitute for them as a snack? I like to split my snack up - 1/2 between breakfast & lunch and 1/2 between lunch & dinner. Thanks!!
Only subtract fiber, not sugar alcohols on IP. Net carbs are 8.
Restricted due to overall calorie content at 170.
But you are correct, it seems as if fat stats have changed for this product since evaluated over a year ago. They're less than 30% fat.

Here's a really good graphic for choosing products. The higher (under 200 calorie) was a cut/paste error & there was info missing & then it got cut/pasted over & over. 200 was max for restricted. Most non restricted are 80-120 calories

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