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Originally Posted by Pattience View Post
What renew says about seratonin levels - i hope that's true. It fits with my understanding but i haven't actually read any articles that talk about that. I haven't yet looked at the link posted and will too soon.
You'll find many articles discussing the link between serotonin and estrogen in perimenopausal women. Not a huge leap to extend similar reasoning to PMS symptoms. A woman's estrogen levels are lowest just before her period.

The problem is that the relationships between [especially] female hormones and mood has not been studied as much as you'd think. Well, perhaps more importantly, there are studies but they don't understand what exactly they're observing because the inter-relationships between hormones and neurotransmitters has a fluid quality, the same hormone can create a positive mood vs a negative mood depending on other hormones and neurotransmitter states. The kicker is, it's not one size fits all. Science only knows how to apply empiric theory, which simply doesn't work when it comes to mood, emotion or hormones. They can make generalizations, but they can't drill it down to black and white.

Here's a nice little piece that touches on what I'm clumsily trying to express:
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