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Did you pick up that intense workout regimen from nothing three weeks ago too? If so, you may be experiencing some water retention as your body adapts to the new routine. Fluid retention can easily mask several weeks' worth of fat loss.

For what it's worth, it's not unusual for me to go several weeks without seeing any weight loss on the scale. I don't lose a little each week - I lose in "whooshes" - typically three weeks hovering around one number, then one week in which I lose a few pounds.

It's not too unusual not to see your scale march cooperatively down by a certain amount week after week, although it would be nice if you could get that kind of short-term feedback on what you are doing. So give it a little more time, a month or two, to evaluate how well what you are doing is working.

I think you can get away with eating a little more, but I doubt that any kind of metabolic adaptation or starvation mode is responsible for what you are seeing here.
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