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I shop there quite often but only for some plain shirts or workout wear. I don't find their prices to be terribly cheap unless you are just looking for a t-shirt and most of the "work wear" is poorly cut.
I would suggest Marshall's or TJ MAXX for work trousers. Very reasonable. Some high end brands for a lot less so you will get a good cut. But can be hit or miss.

Shirts and blouses though, Target can have some nice stuff sometimes.

Also, try the clearance and sales racks at Kohl's. VERY reasonably priced and they are probably looking to shift a lot of winter wear right now. (That doesn't mean you can't find things suitable for spring or summer though)
Happy shopping!

But bottom line, with all the different sizes I had to go and buy throughout my weightloss (Size 20-6 and I have a wardrobe for each size) ... If it makes you look good and if it's PERFECT, sometimes quality over quantity is best. You'll feel awesome because you know it looks awesome and that is worth a little splurge regardless of whether or not you are going to be wearing it for very long. That's worth the money and the confidence boost. I found that well fitting clothes, even if they cost a little more, definitely helped with my weight loss in the long run. And when I thought about it... I was making that money up anyway because I was spending A LOT less on bad food.

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