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Thumbs up Friday - National Pi Day (3.14)

Diet Coaches/Buddies Walked, CREDIT moi, my usual on the new snow (less than an inch) and before the minor rain. It was bitter cold - and got colder last night. Methinks I'm still recovering from Daylight Savings Time switch over - without good reason that I can figure out.

Yet another evening where I planned to make dinner out of a reception of appetizers. CREDIT moi for choosing modest portions of grilled veggies and one beef on a slice of baguette - that was all. I ignored the platters of breads and cheeses. It was an under-plan caloric evening, but being busy helped. I'll be out of town this weekend so won't post again until Monday. Have a good weekend guys.

onebyone Couldn't but wonder why a Canadian would want to see an American Idiot, LOL. It looks fun - wish I'd known to see it when it was in Boston last month. Hope you enjoy it tonight. Kudos for recognizing that the feelings are associated with your sister's leaving so you have some clue how to go about processing them and getting back on track.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Interesting to link procrastination with over eating. When I'm avoiding something, this giant Sabotaging Thought arrives that a handful of comfort popped in my mouth will make the discomfort go away.

Cheryl (GosfordGirl) Kudos for identifying that you might have adopted an identity that allows, "haven't allowed myself to thrive," and now choose "a thin and thriving identity." Congrats for being a cancer survivor. And thanks for using 'congruence' - I love that word.

Tricia (AZtricia) - Kudos for deploying cinnamon apple tea to combat hunger feelings. LOL that going to bed solves the problem. Ouch for the battery failure - three years is a shorter than the five we get around here despite the cold winters.

6crowsgold - It's terrific that you "feel alarmingly satisfied on 1250 calories a day" - many folks can only imagine eating at that low level. I believe the medical advice that one should only go below 1200 under a professional's supervision as a minimum nutrition level. Kudos for implementing a cheerful calorie counting system that works for you.

Readers -
day 13 Overcome Cravings

Anti-Craving Strategies
Mindset Techniques
You can take a number of steps to respond to your next craving. The first five steps help you prepare you mindset, and you should use the following every time you have a craving:

2. Stand firm. Tell yourself that you're absolutely not going to eat the food that you're craving. Remind yourself that you truly don't want to strengthen your giving-in muscle and weaken your resistance muscle. Ask yourself whether giving in to this craving will be worth the momentary pleasure you'll get from eating. Think about how giving in can undermine your confidence.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 130.
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