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Originally Posted by Fearciuil View Post
Today's Day 10 OP, and I had my first WI ... my official number is that I'm down 14.0 lbs. (I suspect I might be down a bit more, because TOM started gearing up this afternoon.) My coach was shocked and told me not to expect those kinds of losses every week. I don't, largely because I've been reading here.

I also discovered that the scale at school gives weights ~0.25% higher than my coach's scale.

Anyway. Current mini-goals:
1. Have my concert slacks fit (they were a bit tight yet on Tuesday when the 2nd graders performed, but noticeably better than two weeks ago, when the 1st graders performed and before I started IP. I no longer look like I've been laminated into them.)
2. Weigh less than 250 lbs.
FABULOUS! Love the mini goals -going to copycat & make some for myself

Originally Posted by kontesanera View Post
Fearciuil - welcome and congrats! That is an amazing loss for 10 days!

I had a little NSV today. Took the kids swimming at the local public pool. If it were not for IP I would not fit into a bathing suit and we would not have the fun that we had today!
You're already living my dream: to fit into a swimsuit to take my kiddo swimming!

Originally Posted by TwoTots View Post
Happy Friday everyone! My weight in the evening is always about 3 lbs higher than the morning. My 3rd weigh in and I'm down 2 more lbs. Yipee! 10lbs gone. This is my 3rd time trying IP. This time I'm so aware of the pitfalls. Taking it meal by meal. This weekend i'm planning on getting two hanging baskets full of strawberries for my 4yr olds to tend to. I'm not very green fingered myself. What other easy fast growing plants are good for children, maybe tomato plants? Have a good Friday everyone.
Hooray for week #3! Radish grows quickly -even if they don't care for the taste, they may get a kick out of the fun ways to cut them into shapes. Carrots can be a good choice too.
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