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Hi Coaches

I ended up eating more that I planned of what I planned last night. Today I had planned meals but I didn't get to have lunch before I saw the (new) acupuncturist and ended up eating lunch at 3.15pm - and ate fries I may have planned but didn't need. Now I am not hungry for the evening meal. I think I like this guy [it is not the really expensive one but another who might get my Qi moving ]

I read today:
"As for guilt/shame, I feel them whenever I act (eat) in a way that is not consistent with my identity as a person. Goals may come and go, so I don’t use goals as a motivator, but identity is a constant. Along this line, I know we all have the freedom of choice, but for me, I choose to live as though I have ‘no choices,’ meaning my identity determines actions, and decisions almost make themselves."

This resonated because goals don't really motivated me but maybe I need to create a different identity that doesn't allow room for the choices that don't help and lead to a NO CHOICE response


"If we don’t identify ourselves as athletic, how likely is it that we’ll pursue athletic abilities on any level? If we accept that we’re sickly, how likely is it that we’ll ever believe we can truly thrive? If we believe that we don’t have much self-discipline, in how many areas of our lives will this “truth” play out?"

This made me think that I have maybe taken on a "sickly" identity and haven't allowed myself to thrive. Since I 'survived' cancer 4 years ago a lot of things have gone wrong and now I think they can go right. Now I have to choose to thrive and adopt a thin and thriving identity which will shape the congruence of my behaviour. Other than that I am not sure what I will make of these thoughts but they seem important and on song with Beck

BillBE - Credit for trying crickets - very responsible and certainly in the "rare and unusual" category. Lots of brownie points for getting up at 2am to do taxes - huge!

6crowgold - Great plan to use index cards. Great triumph that the diet you have chosen is satisfying.

Gardenerjoy - Good observation - just eating it is easier than deciding whether you should - but not the best option

Onebyone - Ouch for celebration eating but you have great insight about it. Sending thoughts that you survive and thrive through the deadline

(AZ)Tricia - Credit for staying OP with pizza. Sympathy for being hungry - totally get it. Bed is a good place to avoid cravings!

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