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One pounds loss in three weeks, it rather does seem like you are going about this the wrong way.

Just as there is a lot of junk food out there, there is also a lot of junk information. I think you need to go visit your doctor and ask them for some good sources of information on all this stuff that you are confused about or a referral to a nutritionist dietician who can help you understand all this stuff properly.

Ask the doctor/dietician why below 1200 is too low even for a little person like you. Ask them to give you information to explain why the body needs more than 1200.

Ask them why some people think eating grains is harmful and why the mainstream of scientists in the field do not agree.

Ask them to explain how fat is burned with exercise. (Fat is being burned all the time by the way. But the body also makes fat if you don't eat it. Fat and carbs burn together in a healthy diet in a ratio that changes the longer you exercise. The longer you exercise the higher the ratio of fat to carbs. But this is technical. ask your doctor for a source of reliable technical information on this and other relevant matters.

ask the doctor if you could have insulin resistance. They can do a test on this. Have you had other tests done, e.g. your thyroid. If you are young its unlikely to be this but no harm in checking into it.

Ask the doctor why you might be sleepy eating carbs. (Not all carbs are equal btw. I find myself getting frustrated with the way people talk about carbs as if a potato were the same as as salad sandwich on wholegrain bread and a bag of lollies. There is a difference between carbs. Carbs are not the bogieman. Refined sugars are the bogieman for people who can't eat them in moderation - and that is most people on a diet forum.)

A lot of people are confused about the nature of carbs. Ask the doctor for sources of good explanations about the nature of carbs.

The thing is, you are probably getting confusing and conflicting information by taking your info off the web. There is a lot wrong information out there. And if you don't have enough basic knowledge and education to be able to sift the junk from the truth, then you should ask someone who is able to do that for you i.e. why i suggest you speak to your doctor.

You want to find some names of good reliable properly qualified and well reputed writers on this subject. The authors of famous diet books should not be in this list. Ignore those people until you have a solid grounding in basic nutritional information. Yes not everything these say is false. But misinformation gets mixed up with fact and you end up confused with a lot of unhelpful ideas about how to lose weight and stay healthy.

Eat the way you think you can eat for the rest of your life. If you think you can live on a diet of 70% vegies, 30% protein and a 1tbsp of fat, then that's probably fine because it does seem to fit with the basic distribution of carbs, protein and fats.Yours does not seem to be a problem of distribution but of total calorific intake. Note you can also get fat on vegies if you eat too many veggie calories - i would remind you that fat cows do exist - :-). And it seems you can have trouble losing fat if you don't eat enough calories.

What's good about fruit and vegies is that they are
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