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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Hello coaches,

Well, I ended up having pizza with the boys. My car would not start and I had to jump it and replace the battery (they last less than 3 years here) so I decided not to add the stress of planning and packing a seperate meal. I still stayed within my calorie limit, so OP even with pizza.

Today was OP for food and exercise, but I'm hungry...which is annoying. I've already had an extra tea, cinnamon apple, which usually makes the feeling go away. Oh, well it is bed time soon and I won't notice it while sleeping!

nationalparker Kudos for skipping tortillas and not grazing. I am glad you finally have some news about your dad, but sad to hear they don't think it is curable and that he is having other issues as well. Sending sympathy your way and wishes for helpful diagnoses and treatments for your dad as well as strength for you. Awesome job for choosing bubble bath and tea over snacking!

maryann Sounds like there was a great career day, hurray for Jose's joy! Kudos for recording your food and -2lbs! Thanks for your advice about the skill kiddos need to learn, great thought.

Cheryl/GosfordGirl LOL about the dogs enjoying the vet, we had one that way in the past. His joy of greeting people and going places exceeded any pain. Kudos for back on track & planning.

BillBlueEyes Taxes are painful, they were the worst when dh worked for a mequiladora and very complicated. So glad his income is all in the USA now. Hopefully you'll get better rest now that the package is delivered. WHAT --cricket flour???? Just ewww! Sustainable or not, don't think I could do it.

6crowsgold Hurray for finding a solution for recording.

gardenerjoy Kudos for your continuing streak and for knowing youself and meeting your needs so that you have less temptation to overeat.

onebyone Hope you enjoy your musical and that you can get back OP now that the stress of your sister's visit is done. Kudos for cooking.
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