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Originally Posted by TurtleMom View Post
2nd WI today: 3 more lbs released back into the wild (along with 1.75")

But having my clothes fit differently as my body changes means so much more to me than ANY number on the scale or tape measure!

Speaking of clothes, any tips or strategies for dressing during the weight loss phase? I already know I'll be hitting thrift stores, but any other fashion ideas would be greatly appreciated! I work with young children, but I'm still expected to dress nicely (ie no jeans)
Originally Posted by ColoradoCarol View Post
I understand your dilemma, I can only wear jeans on Friday. My suggestion, other than thrift stores, would be consignment stores. That saved me, there is no way I could have afforded new clothes all the time.

I found that I could wear slacks for two sizes. I might have had a 16 and wore it til I got close to a 12. Buy clothes a bit tight (you night lose enough in a week to we here they are no longer tight. Do the same with blouses and wear a cami under and the shirt as a "jacket"

Just some thoughts. It is hard. I pushed wearing clothes too long -the were really baggy. Tops are, in my opinion, easier to wear when they get too big.
In addition to Carol's advice, I have found long sweaters and leggings to work really well or skirts or dresses you can add a belt to.

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