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Well done Lilian. Well done all of you and steels lady that is a lovely story about your daughter. And i must say i'm really impressed with your exercise and your doing this without making a big fuss. Of course i have to make a big fuss myself. Stupidly i need to tell everyone i'm on a diet. I'm not much good about going about anything quietly so i often end up on my face. however diet wise this time, i'm not giving up.

Just lately i'm stressing a bit but just as when i gave up smoking many years ago now, I'm determined not to let get stress and upsets get in the way of my diet. I might take the foot off the pedal a bit but i'm not going to indulge myself in my usual downfall foods.

LOL, i'm not sure i like the sound of broccoli carrot and olives in my bean salad myself but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your daughter.

I would tell you once I made a awful version of this salad. I didn't use beans, i used rice because it was already cooked and sitting there waiting to be consumed. I was having an off day and thought to nurture myself i would put in my salad all these fancy things i had bought recently like artichokes in a jar, aubergine in a jar and stuffed olives along with a chopped tomato. Normally i really like these things but i discovered they don't go in the salad well. And of course neither did the rice, especially the rice. So, speaking for myself at least, i discovered that the vegies should be fresh, not pickled or jarred or canned.

I always chop the vegies quite small too.

If anyone tries this salad using your usual things and you find you are not really keen, i recommend trying it using the ingredients i mention to see the difference - Just saying…

Have a good day all.

ps. I just put my salad into fitness pal to see what it added up to. I put in beans, tomato, carrot, and 1 stick of celery and the walnuts. It came to 14 grams of fibre. I see Carrots have a lot of fibre. Celery not so much.

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