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Originally Posted by diamondgeog View Post
Grains, especially wheat can mess up a person's metabolism. I would totally change your breakfasts around. I am grain free but even if I was not I would never have a cereal of any kind, including oats, for breakfast and not yougart, too much sugar even a full fat one. You are raising your insulin and putting your body in hold on to fat and calorie mode.

If you try grain free for a month, I bet you can eat 1.5 times your current calories and your weight is just going to plummet.

I do agree 100 grams of carbs is good but from what you listed I think you might be underestimating your carbs. And veggie carbs are fine but grain carbs can mess up a lot of people.

You can always go back to grains. If you are insulin sensitive though it might really help. At least try no grains/yougart/sugar at breakfast for a bit. Get good protein and fat at breakfast. Try your own bulletproof coffee if you like coffee.

But it does sound like maybe too few calories. Also our bodies adapt to our exercise routine so you might want to change that up, get some strength in. And don't be afraid of full fat. Coconut oil and grass fed butter are my wonder foods.

Push ups and sit ups, planking, bunch of stuff don't need weights.
I actually use full fat mayo and eat regular blocks of cheese now and then. The oat bran and yogurt is actually very little food. It's 2tbsps which i cook with water, add 1 tbsp fat free plain greek yogurt. The reason i eat this is because it keeps me full for hours! I mean i can wait a full 5 hours after eating (if i hydrate properly) but its my only source of grains. Maybe ill try grain free though.

I just feel so comfortable with this menu, i hate to change it, but I also dont want to put all this effort in and have it hinder my weight loss. This is all new to me.

I do have a kettlebell at home, will that suffice for weights? Maybe ill try a different cardio now and then too, thanks!
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