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Hi Locke,

No worries at all. Sorry when I meant carbs, I mean I don't eat any starch/white flour products like rice, pasta, potatoes, cookies, cakes. I do eat oat bran with fat free fage yogurt in the morning.

I'm female, 169 lbs and 5'1. 26 yrs old. My carbs are less than 100g almost everyday with just veggies and oat bran. My sample menu looks like this everything is measured with my kitchen scale and i use MFP to add up calories.

-2 tbsps oat bran with yogurt =150

-8oz cabbage +.5 cup persian cucumber + 4 oz chicken breast +1 tbsp mayo

-8 oz steamed broccoli and cauliflower + can of tuna + 1 tbsp low sodium teriyaki sauce= 215

-almonds (23 pieces) -160 calories
-100 calorie granola bar

This has been my standard menu for the past 3 weeks. I'm not bored of it yet, i'm sure i will be soon, but I don't feel hungry eating this. I work out with a HRM and the calorie reading is always pretty high so i input as 400 standard everyday. I feel better, and my stomach is protruding out a lot less, I have no access to weights as of yet, so i didn't think water weight would be an issue here? I don't think I've given this enough time (only three weeks) but I don't want to start down the wrong path if you get what I mean?

I just feel like I could have lost 2 lbs or so by now, but I haven't. So is metabolic adaptation also a myth? Is there a good website to get credible information? My friend is a personal trainer who tells me I need to be in a certain heart rate zone to burn fat, I just can't keep track of all these rules. For now working on my diet is something i want set, I like the menu above but I also don't want to eat unnecessarily. Sorry for the length of this post! I appreciate your help.
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