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Okay first of all I think I'd like some more information. What is your weight right now? Are you male or female? Are you weighing and measuring your food? Are you eating any other types of foods? Do you have cheat days?

I'm asking this because what you are saying doesn't make sense. From what I read I think you are saying that 70% of your calories come from vegetables; however you also say that you are keeping your carbs to <100g per day. Vegetable calories are predominately carbohydrate derived- about 80% of the calories from vegetables come from carbohydrates.

Your experience also doesn't jive with the information that you gave. Even if you are a 120lb female you are working out very intensely and should be experiencing hunger and weight loss at that calorie deficit. I think you may not be describing your food intake correctly. Do you keep a journal?

I'm not trying to be overly critical I'm just trying to help, but something is missing here because what you wrote does not add up at all.

P.S.- To a certain degree your metabolism will slow down when you reduce your calories. But like people said before when you asked about starvation mode it is mostly a myth. You will continue to lose weight especially if you are working out.

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