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I actually can't tell you. This whole journey has been without a single day of calorie or carb counting. That is one of the most awesome things about low carb high fat to me. My appetite just naturally went down. So it has been the best daily double of my life: most success ever AND easiest.

I suspect I am between 50 and 125 most days. I've heard anything under 100 puts you in 'weight loss' zone. But I don't think I ever went low into Atkins induction zone.

The other thing is I put muscle on a lot on this eating lifestyle. I suspect I've at least 20 lbs more muscle than May 2013 so I've probably lost over 100 lbs fat already.

Forgot to add so my journey has been about whole foods, drastically reducing processed food, eliminating grains, still eating dairy, especially cheese. And upping saturated fat from coconut oil and grass fed butter. And eliminating vegetable oils except olive.

So once I am making consistent choices in my types of food I haven't had to count anything.

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