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Thanks for all the thoughtful responses. I have decided NOT to go back on IP. There are a couple reasons I considered---

In the 2 times I did IP I phased off properly the 2nd time. The first time I did not phase off well. Both times I followed maintainance guidelines- however as time when on I did not do such a great job separating carbs from fat. But truthfully I didn't really return to eating carbs the same way. To this day I don't really eat bread. I get my carbs from fruits and veggies mostly. Occasionally from a bread product.

To complicate this decision I also have had medical issues regarding my thyroid (had a hemi thyroidectomy 2.5 weeks ago). I know the diet did not cause any issues with my nodule removal but I do think I need to make the wisest choice on my diet/lifestyle now more than ever as I may have a lazier thyroid. I will determine medicines, if necessary in next few weeks.

I did meet with a functional medical practitioner who specializes in women and endocrine functions. I think I have found a good solution for me- I am going to begin an elimination diet in next 2 weeks. Since coming off IP I can not tolerate certain foods well- I suspect I have sensitivites and the beauty of IP is that I no longer was having certain foods. Thus when I ate them again I thought that maybe I just had become somewhat intolerant of them. And that may be true, but I bet I sensitivites which may explain some challenges with weight.

I do also believe that the low calorie part of IP may have affected my metabolism. And not in an ideal way. I am having some testing done, but I think as much as i like the results of IP I need to figure out how to live with whole, real foods and improve my metabolism (if possible).

Thanks for all the feedback. I have learned so much from this forum as well as my research in last week. I have become a bit more skeptical of the long term impact of IP- especially from those who struggle to maintain. I just think the rigidness may be too difficult even if it does give a cheat day. Thanks!
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