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Good afternoon to you all. Looks like 3fc did a little upgrade as some of our stuff looks just a bit different. I would have sworn I was in here this morning, but guess not. I did sit here when Jack went to work and paid bills, but guess I forgot to post!

I did get my house cleaned yesterday and sat around and read two of those Randisi books today. I am a really fast reader for one thing and they are a great read so I don't get bored.

I got my purple necklace and it isn't going to work so back it goes. The beads are almost black and the beading thread is magenta so that won't work at all. It is also really short even though it says 20" which is misleading. It is 3 strands and the shortest one is about 14 inches and too short for me. So, I will keep the necklace I have that is long beads on the wait list and hope they restock it soon. It is about $20 more expensive, but I have a lot of points with them so may be able to get the price down some.

Jack should be home in about half an hour and I am going to have to get started on dinner soon. I am making salsbury steak tonight. I use ground sirloin so it isn't fatty at all the ingredients are pretty low fat too, lowfat ketchup, ff onion mix and beef broth and egg beaters and it makes pretty darn good salsbury steaks. So many recipes are heavily tomato based and this is brown gravy based so Jack likes it.

tky72: As Jean said, we welcome you to join us. We have a gal from Va, one from Kansas, Jean is from Iowa and I live in Memphis, but am a transplanted Yankee gal. I grew up in NW Indiana around South Bend. We just enjoy each other's company here and help each other out when we can.

Maggie: I can't believe he starts high school this fall. He just went scuba diving with his parents today for the first time and she said he did terrific, which doesn't surprise me. The kid does everything well and is fearless pretty much. They did those Segway things yesterday and Tom didn't see this huge bump in the road and went bum over tea kettle and scraped the heck out of the whole length of his arm. Sometimes vacations can be dangerous. Thanks for the recipe.

Susan: My boys are growing up fast for sure. I haven't slept in a bed except the one on the ship since my second colon surgery. It just plain hurts to do so. I think it is scar tissue that presses on it or something, but I can't sleep on my side without it being uncomfortable either. In our bed, sleeping on my back is a no go and I can't sit up in bed because our bed doesn't have a headboard and I slide down the wall. We got the ship steward to give us several extra pillows and blankets and wedged me into bed both cruises. I had to wake Jack up everytime I went to the bathroom though to put me back "in." I sleep in the recliner downstairs. I hope you have a good summer with your asthma. Which causes you more trouble spring and summer or fall and winter?

Jean: I have a Scentsy warmer and that is the one that doesn't do much good in my opinion. I love Yankee Candle though. Hope your day is going well.

I gotta get out of here and get things done for dinner. Have a great day all. Faye
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