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Originally Posted by Locke View Post
You simply don't see people prostituting themselves in the streets to get one more oreo. Let's also not forget that drugs of abuse can cause horrendous withdrawals. Whether or not people can become addicted to oreos, they aren't going to die if they withdraw from them. People have died withdrawing from alcohol and heroine. So no, all addictions are not equal. You don't see overweight people shooting each other over a girl scout cookie deal gone bad. There's no support for your argument in the laboratory or in real life situations.
No, they don't prostitute themselves, they don't need to. Food is cheap compared to drugs, junk food even cheaper. You can spend $10 a day on Taco Bell's dollar menu and easily be hundreds of calories over maintenance.

If you watch the behavior of people who are food addicted when THEIR drug is off limits, they're not writhing in pain, but they're screaming, throwing tantrums, crying, begging, pleading and their body is screaming for food, just like a junkie's brain is telling them they're in pain when there isn't a thing wrong with them. When people get gastric bypass surgery and they're willing to send their body into shock by overeating repeatedly -- that's addiction.

Dismissing the pain of one person, saying THIS addiction is valid, THAT is a joke, is invalidating to the people who suffer from those problems. It's the same dismissive attitude that conventional doctors give to the person who is obese and asks what to do and the doctor says "Eat less, move more". Pain can't be compared, neither can willpower or discipline.
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