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Originally Posted by carter View Post
I do not like thinking in terms of "lifestyle change." I find it both hokey (almost as bad as the cloying "weight-loss journey") and daunting. I don't think in terms of the rest of my life. That's just too darn long. I think in terms of the next food choice I have to make.

I do have a plan for active weight loss when I am pursuing active weight loss, and a plan for maintenance when I am maintaining, and I think in terms of "on-plan choices" and "off-plan choices". Part of my plan includes counting calories.

So, that's the terminology I've developed myself over the years I've been working on this.

It's so refreshing to read your post (and kaplods). I'm not sure why, but I often think that "it's just me" when I just don't connect with the majority on something that is so accepted, like the words and phrases used in lieu of dieting. The funny thing is that "diet" actual just means what you eat, but it's taken on a connotation of eating for weight loss. I would argue, though, that phrases like "weight loss journey" or "lifestyle change" now just have the connotation of being code for weight-loss dieting. I would say that most people who hear those phrases realize that the person using them is on some sort of plan in which eating is restricted in some way to lose weight.

Of course, as I mentioned before, if it helps someone to use a phrase rather than "dieting," that's great. Whatever works.
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