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Originally Posted by Arctic Mama View Post
Oy vey - so much bad science in that article. Correlation does not equal causation, folks.
Honestly that was just the first article that I could find regarding the subject. I don't feel like spending time trying to find articles to back it up, I've heard this before and other neurobiologists have documented the sugar/reward phenomenon.

Don't misunderstand me, I was addressing purely the concept that people can be addicted to just about anything, including sugar or diet sodas, NOTHING ELSE. That addictions to sugar or soda are just as real as addictions to heroine or alcohol. I personally think artificial sweeteners taste like poison and would rather go without any sweetener or will factor in the calories from a tablespoon or two of sugar into my days intake BUT I can have a little sugar and it doesn't affect me, I know other people cannot do that.

My husband and I are a good example of different addictions. He can smoke ONE cigarette, enjoy it, finish it, then not think about having another for ages. If I have ONE cigarette I am obsessing over having JUST ONE MORE constantly for weeks until I give in and go back to smoking (I've never managed to get past the craving, it turns into a constant itch in my brain). On the other hand he will plow through an entire 3 lb. bag of Hershey's miniatures in about a week if left to his own devices whereas I can actually forget I own the bag until I find it when I'm cleaning out the pantry a year later.
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