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RosiePosie101 - congrats on your loss during such stressful time at work. Stress at work is a huge trigger for me when it comes to eat everything in sight.

Ruth Ann - wow 7 lbs in two weeks after weeks of no losses! That is why I love these boards, they can keep you going through anything.

Hula Chic - I know what you mean about fat clothes getting too tight. I was there, just before I went on the program. I went for a weigh in today and receptionist was saying how I will have to buy new clothes, and I was telling her how I have never weighed that much before so most of my clothes were bought around 160 lb mark as I was that weight for years.

I went for a weigh in one day early, with it being March break and me being off for two days, and I lost another 2.8 lbs! I am very happy with this program and I am starting to realize that wheat and yeast are the culprits for me gaining this much weight. I think I am very carb sensitive as every time I have cut out carbs, even few years ago when I did low carb, high fat, I lost a lot of weight.

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