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I'm not disagreeing with you that oreos cause a pleasure sensation in the brain, and that this can cause compulsive behavior. I disagree with the idea that eating an oreo produces the same amount of pleasure as a hit of cocaine. Oreos and cocaine are not in the same ballpark when it comes to addictive potential. They've done tests on animals and time after time it's been shown that animals will prefer drugs of addiction over food. A cocaine addicted chimpanzee will forgo everything- food, water, and the company of other chimps to get more cocaine.

You simply don't see people prostituting themselves in the streets to get one more oreo. Let's also not forget that drugs of abuse can cause horrendous withdrawals. Whether or not people can become addicted to oreos, they aren't going to die if they withdraw from them. People have died withdrawing from alcohol and heroine. So no, all addictions are not equal. You don't see overweight people shooting each other over a girl scout cookie deal gone bad. There's no support for your argument in the laboratory or in real life situations.
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