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Originally Posted by trinny View Post
As of this morning, I've lost exactly 20 pounds. I've been losing and gaining the same 15 pounds for five years now, so this is a huge mental milestone for me to break the cycle.! Congrats!
I did Atkins in 2002-03 and got to 175. It was a HUGE milestone for me when I made it below that so I understand how your 20 is huge for you!

Originally Posted by Butterfli3 View Post
I have been on IP for a week now. I go for WI tomorrow. I am nervous because I just realized I am measuring my veggies wrong. I have been weighing them! So for the first 6 days I was eating too much. I am hoping that it does not affect my WI too bad. Does eating too much veggies have affect on ketosis? Except for the first day (migraine) I have felt fine!
This is your coach's fault for not making sure you fully understood the program. Second, if there is a week to get something wrong, it is your first week when you'll see bigger losses anyway.
Veggies CAN be weighed instead of measured in a cup but you have to look up the weight for each one (1 c equivalent). Too much work for me. But my pyrex measuring cups get so much use I rarely put them in the dishwasher!

Originally Posted by Chicnana View Post
Hi Butterfli3, there are many post regarding this subject. I never weighed/measured my veggies and was surprised at how many people here did so! So I talked it to my coach yesterday at my WI--as I didn't remember her mentioning anything about measuring... her view was that you don't need to. The vegetables to pay attention to are the ones on the semi-restricted list, you might want to measure your unrestricted to insure you're eating enough, it's probably unlikely that you're eating too much (lettuce is unlimited).

In any case, do what works best for you. Don't stress too much about it...
Phase 1 sheet is VERY clear. 2 c. veggies with lunch, 2 c. veggies with dinner. I'm a bit concerned about a coach that is not following those guidelines. We see on this board that there are MANY coaches who make up house rules (or are just poorly trained). Sometimes it is to "help" people lose faster (really, you can't "game" IP. It already works!)

Other coaches seem to be sabatoging their clients. It appears they don't want them to lose as fast, allowing them to add items that aren't on the sheet. I wonder if it is so losses will be slower and they'll make more $$? This coach's attitude regarding measuring veggies is fitting in that category, IMO.

Originally Posted by catlady1981 View Post
So true! It got to the point where I only had 3 pair of pants I could wear to work because everything had gotten so tight. That was the point that I started with IP. Things are a little looser now, I can breathe. I have some goal clothes hanging there as well. Hoping I can get into them by summer.
In my then/now pic, you see me in a pair of khakis. That was one of 2 pair of size 24 capris that fit me and they were tight in the hips/waist (and they're cotton/spandex so they had a bit of stretch). The dress is a 14.
It took a long time before I could fit 22s. But first I needed to remember that the 24s were TIGHT. First they had to "fit" and then they had to get too big. I've also learned that it takes longer to switch sizes in plus-sized clothes than it does in more normal sizes (from average stores/departments, rather than "women's)
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