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Battling Binge Eating
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Originally Posted by PintSizedTerror View Post
I'm going to join in, if that's ok. I'm really struggling and it's packing on the pounds like mad.

You sure can. Glad you found us.

Dr yesterday and two more prescriptions one a mega antibiotic and a steroid..these I add to the steroid nasal spray and this new antibiotic to do what the last couldn't..I will take it for 10 days. Ive been ill since last Friday, home and off work. I was getting worse instead of better and finally yesterday went back to Dr after 5 days of being sick...phenomena (walking) and an intense sinus infection...yucky tonsils and swollen lymph nodes..I had practically. Lost my voice the day before and was coughing blood. Husband said GO BACK TO DR. So, after my Dr first told me it was a viral type issue and a cold, turned out to be a major illness within a few days.

I am still binge free, ok bit get this. In the 5 days since seeing the Dr I weighed in almost 3 pounds heavier. I'm lost, I don't get it anymore. I'm sick and depressed. How is this happening? When I binged I would gain and then lose it. Now, I don't binge and I keep gaining, and I'm eating healthy. If I felt better I might dwell on it and start eating badly but. I'm trying to forget. Advice? The Dr had already lectured me last week over all my gaining, the 30 lbs, and then to gain MORE I wanted to hide.

Lets see, this week ive been off, bills going thru roof, x still not working g and no child support since Dec. My husbands child support has been raised so our income dropped even more, my kids needed shoes, I had to pay for my two Dr visits and tx thank goodness insurance helped, and daughter tested me during the afternoon the over day asking if I knew why her dad was in jail? Typical week..hes serving out the last of a Dui sentence after he failed probation...hes been off from work due to injury since Dec and has argued for months that support was taken out of his workers comp then it was all his case workers fault and he had been calling her etc..Friday he tells me its not his fault because he had been trying to reach his case worker for weeks and wont call back..then in the next breath he says well I found out I don't have a case worker..make up your kind. Then he wanted me to sign a letter for chide support saying he had been paying support directly to me outta his workers comp money..told him no. Well, I wasn't his best friend anymore after that, gee he even promised to pay me the support eventually all I had to do was sign the letter. I don't think so.. no, no stress this week.
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