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Originally Posted by carter View Post
I do not like thinking in terms of "lifestyle change." I find it both hokey (almost as bad as the cloying "weight-loss journey") and daunting. I don't think in terms of the rest of my life. That's just too darn long. I think in terms of the next food choice I have to make.

I do have a plan for active weight loss when I am pursuing active weight loss, and a plan for maintenance when I am maintaining, and I think in terms of "on-plan choices" and "off-plan choices". Part of my plan includes counting calories.

So, that's the terminology I've developed myself over the years I've been working on this.

HAND CLAP! I'm still trying to figure out "weight-loss journey" It might be a "trip" but it ain't no "journey" with an end. For me its a "PROGRAM" to get back to health and stay there. I do not intend to spend my LIFE so intensely focused on eating, weighing, measuring whatever. I'll go crazy! Got to fix my programing/conditioning fits for me! I'm glad there might be others that don't feel comfortable with that language.

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