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I ended out my day yesterday at 971 - I had steamed broccoli slaw with homemade marinara for lunch, but had a snack of TJ corn puffs. I used to eat that all the time and completely forgot about it. 1 1/4 cup of slaw is only 25 calories, but makes a big bowl of "noodles."

I may just have that for dinner, but then I'd end up at 643 if I doubled the slaw and added in two turkey/zucchini meatballs. That's with romano cheese.

Larry, I have a similar list for my six year old daughter, but it's child-friendly! I took any vegetable I could think of (many of yours are on her list) and made a five page chart with a checkmark column, vegetable name, a picture of it, and a mouthless "smiley face." It allows her to pick what vegetable she wants to try, and allows her to rate them. It's very effective! So far she's picked spaghetti squash, bok choy, acorn squash, edamame, okra, tofu (not a vegetable, but it worked), scallions, butternut squash, turnip, parsnip, avocado, and celeriac. Some were a smiley, some were not, but she has the control and loves it. Now I'm able to add those to the many other vegetables she was already eating. Acorn squash and okra got extra smileys on her chart
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