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To me I don't experience any sort of direct causation of my success (or lack thereof) between the word that I use and my results. I am a dieter and I follow a diet to lose weight and its never been a hindrance. I do think that when I am actively trying to lose weight, I use methods that I don't mind repeating and that are similar to what I want to do in maintenance but there are differences (otherwise I'd be losing forever! lol). But that is also because I like losing at a particular pace.

Personally, as far as calorie counting goes, I think that it depends on the individual. I am a list maker, and I work in data analysis, so doing these things relaxes me, so it depends on the individual.

Its all so individual, even though the result is (biologically) very similar - if terminology has a large effect on how a person approaches weight loss/maintenance, or the degree of calorie counting, etc.

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