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Good Morning! The sun is trying to peek through the clouds and so far no wind. It's supposed to hit 65 today so I'll take it! I had to laugh at Sonny this morning. I left the cat carrier upstairs and put a few treat pieces just inside the door. The vet says a cat has a three second memory. Hah! Sonny has circled around it, then looks at me as if thinking, "if you think I'm going in there again, think again!" Even Ernie has steered clear. I need to figure out food for card club and head to the grocery store this morning.

Susan -- You keep busy and on the go too! I don't like to burn candles as I get soot streaks on one wall by the fireplace. Bob figured there must have been a draft there. When he repainted that wall, my candle burning came to a halt. The black cat came late yesterday afternoon and was here again this morning. He can come and go when I'm not watching for him, but I noticed the cat food hadn't been touched. The orange guy isn't as regular as Black Cat.

Maggie -- The cauliflower dish sounds good to me but don't think Bob would probably think so. When I mention a new recipe/food, he'll say, "I'll pass." We ordered hamburgers while in Maui, and they were huge with big thick buns and lots of thick veggies. I cut mine in half and it fell apart after my first bite. I picked it apart and ate the meat with the veggies leaving most of the bun. They showed a picture of supposedly a local favorite sandwich and there is no way anyone could take a bite of the whole thing at one time.

I'm off to work on my food list and head to the store. Have a terrific Tuesday!
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