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I agree with everything Kaplods said about the terminology. In my case, and probably in yours as well, the term diet has become associated with a temporary condition so it's better for us to think about it as a WOE even though it is perfectly legitimate to use the term diet (noun or verb).

Regarding calorie counting, I am pretty sure I've read that most folks on the National Weight Loss Registry who lost weight and kept it off did so by CC and continuing to CC in maintenance.

That said, I have gotten to a goal weight several times, usually with CC. But despite my resolution to keep CCing, I inevitable stop during "maintenance" and regain some weight until I get around to making a big effort to do it again.

So, this time instead of CCing and resolving to keep CCing at maintenance, I have taken my own limitations into account as well as all the experience I have with other approaches and designed a WOE that lets me lose weight (or at a minimum not gain, but in fact I have been losing) without counting calories. It involves an eating window and guidance (a bunch of rules) and it's very specific to me. It also involves a lot of non-eating things (sleep being a huge factor for me), so I really should call it a Way of Living, not just a Way of Eating. But the primary difference is that everything takes into account the type of behavior that I know (or am at least pretty sure) I am willing to continue permanently (another big tip of the hat to Kaplods).

I am somewhat worried that my approach does not align with the most-frequently successful strategy as those of the registered successful maintainers, but I've tried repeatedly to fit myself to that mold and failed. So, instead I am trying to tailor my approach sufficiently to overcome the odds of bucking that statistic, and that, for me, does not involve calorie counting.
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