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Beautiful spring. Didn't get to gym but went grocery shopping. Then dh worked in yard and I went to mall to p/u pkg that I ordered. Didn't fit so shopped store and bought couple pants. Then I decided on spur of moment to get my haircut. Not yet sure I like it. Will try to upload pic.

My weight was below my sig weight this am! May not hold but good to see it.
I love this eating strategy so hope it works. I had a great bs today!! I love this plan because I can eat whatever I want as long as I follow two rules.
I am rarely hungry. I do sometimes have an eve snack which is against the 3rd rule but I only do it if I know I'm ok with calorie and carbs. I do have to keep some foods out of the house still just in case.

Today's eating
PB mocha frappe with added fiber - protein, carb & fat

Apple with 1 T PB -carb & fat
Cheese 1oz - protein
Bacon 1 so - protein

Pm snack
Reese PB cup ice cream- child-size - protein, carb & fat

Subway turkey and ham 6 inch - protein, carb & fat (little mayo) veggies free

Eve snack
PB mocha frappe made with almond milk & added fiber - carb & fat
Bacon- 1 sl -protein

Calories 1445
Carbs - 160
Fat - 70 h
Fiber -22

Need to cut back on my bacon and ice cream for my trygliceride labs! Prob PB too but no way can't do that...

Wanna - no earthquake noticed here. Think that happen around OR border and No cal.

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