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npo--I hope the 2 lbs don't stick. You have alot of stress, make sure you drink water to fight the water retention stress can cause.
seeking--you can do it. I am trying to find what works for me, for now the only having shakes for breakfast and lunch and TRYING not to snack works for me. I am also trying to avoid wheat and gluten.
laylee--sore throats are the worse.

well, gang I am committed to working out, I got another project done, but I am still working on the dog kennel. It's a little harder to work out without the tv to mindlessly watch while I do it, but I just have to stay motivated.

i love walking outside and I have this mini stepper thing that I am going to try while my 2 year old is playing out doors. It's either that or load them up in the stroller and go for a walk.

trying to stick to my goals of 3, 15 min cardio sessions and 3 resistance sessions. I make time for EVERYONE. my kids come first, surely I can carve out some time for me to do something to help me get healthy.

right now, my baby is screaming--he's fed, changed, just wants me--so I feel guilty even typing right now...but I know I need this!
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