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Good Evening, Coaches.

I am catching up on posts. Very busy day at work. It was career day at my middle school. Our counselors did a terrific job getting nearly fifty community members to come and share their professions. There were firetrucks, corvettes, walnut shakers and paramedics on the black top. The best moment of the day for me (stationed at the John Deere Giant Tractor) was when the little boy Jose from our special day class bravely climbed up into the seat. He has Downs syndrome. He climbed the ladder, sat down, and took the steering wheel. A smile that could light the entire world (or at least my entire world) bloomed on his face.

There are moments that burst my heart - sheer bittersweet beauty which surfaces at the most surprising moments. How I hope I will never stop being present to catch them. And so I post here because I never wish to allow food the starring role in my life. Food is only the fuel. I must respect it. I cannot worship it.

Food in MyFitPal for two days. Scale down two pounds. I sigh a little relief.

Lexxiss: I agree that my mind is not always a trustworthy ally. Better I keep to MFP

onebyone: Credit for your courage in doing the right thing for your mother - for walking with her in her journey.

AZtricia: My son is a "normie" eater. He will say he'll tackle a huge portion like a gallon of ice cream but actually stops when he is full. This is a very useful skill and an important one to allow him to develop.

ladym0208: How exciting to be going to the city!

GosfordGirl: i actually went to my Dr who gave me some similar homeopathic suggestions. I am trying them out and hopeful they will work. These pills are heavy in Vitamin B, something called Rhodia (?) magnesium and C.

BBE: A two-byte dessert is a two week weight gain I fear.

6crowsgold: Welcome! I am moving away from "fuzzy" reporting this week and will try to stick with weighing and measuring this week.

nationalparker: So sorry about your father. I would have cried and cried too when I got off the phone.

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