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Hello, all! Ate my largest meal today at lunch and, while I didn't leave half of the lunch portion, I skipped the tortillas and left some of the meal. It was mexican and held myself to only eight chips/salsa. I'm taking credits for acknowledging it was a decent-size meal and going light for dinner. Credit, too, for committing to only hot tea this evening now that I want to graze in the kitchen.

News from my Dad's appt was that it is lung cancer and not curable but they'll work to treat it and he has more scans coming up to check for brain lesions and try to figure out what the stomach issue might be. I spoke with him tonight. He's lost 20 pounds in one month. I stay very positive on the phone, then hang up and cry. My eating food will not heal my father nor help take care of my mother. I suggested he try those Carnation shakes me makes for my mom with ice cream as her dr. suggested to give her more calories ... he laughed and said, well they do smell pretty good. I hope he does.

OneByOne - you have explained the situation with your mom's care so well - I would really be in a quandary over which one is better - the more caring or less institutional facility. It had me thinking of which one I'd want. What a mental challenge.

AZTricia - I admire your resolve - I could never skip a pizza night. I think we get it too rarely but that might just be me. ha ha

Bill - Your reception sounds wonderful - I love your descriptors. Many credits abound - way more than you claimed. Keep that dang winter coat out - I'm sure our snow is heading your way.

I appreciate your patience with my moping/worried notes. DH is working nights and just isn't remembering what days what test results are coming back for for pet/Dad. I get a bit miffed when he doesn't ASK about the results and then have to realize that he's having a hard work week and we're only seeing each other for about 10 minutes/day.

169.4 today - thankful to see it drop back below 170. That makes me feel as if it IS possible.

So close ... now so far!
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