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Originally Posted by irisv62 View Post
Hi earthling thanks for replying to my post. I feel much better knowing this is a normal feeling because i was beginning to think that it was wrong for me to think like that. I really like your idea using your German Shepard for comparison of the weight. Too bad i only have a 25 pound poodle, but i could use that comparison. Do you still dress the same because you feel the same or what do you do?

I definitely dress differently. Are you kidding me? Now when I put on clothes or buy clothes (even though I am not at goal weight) if is not enough for them to "look good" as they did when I was larger. (Because it looking good would have been as good as it gets). Now they have to look spectacular for me to buy them.
But I do dress differently on days that I feel huuuuuuge. Oddly though, sometimes simply going to the gym for a little bit, or coming back from a Spin class, is enough to go from feeling huuuuuuuge to suddenly feeling fit.
I think feeling "fat" sometimes has more to do with endorphins. And whether or not you've got them running the gamut of the body at that moment.
But don't worry, with Downs always comes Ups.
Keep trusting yourself and sooner or later you'll just get more Ups than Downs.

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