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I am not an archeologist so I can't be sure. To me though there is very compelling evidence humans are not adapted to eat grains.

There are a lot of RCT studies showing whole grains effectively reduce nutrient levels in people. Livestock, dogs, cats all do very poorly on grains. I know I do. If anyone wants to eat grains, well they are the most readily available food around.

The thing is, I KNOW they don't work for me. I lived 48 years with grains and now coming up on year without. So I've done my personal expirement.

And there is no downside. Nothing essential about grains or even carbs for that matter. Of course I choose to eat veggie carbs. You have to eat fat and protein but not carbs. So for me as an individual, whether Paleo person eat grains or not, and I think they did not, eliminating them has agreed wonderfully with me.

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