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Originally Posted by Johnsdeere View Post
Warning TMI: Can I ask a question for the ladies on here? Today is week 6 of doing IP and last month when I had my period I was in Hawaii where we had no scales so I was unable to take my weight for two weeks but, was 100% on IP as I am today. I jumped on the scale today and I'm down -.2 lbs. I don't feel bloated as I might normally (pre-IP) however; was wondering if you ladies have a small decline on your personal scale during that time of the month. I'm not really discouraged since I'm doing IP 100% and invested as I ever have, I just didn't know if this will be a continual thing every month and to expect it. I'd love to hear your experience if you would please.

I am a daily weigher (just so fascinated by the process!). I'm only 6 weeks into the program but I've been through 2 cycles - each time I gained a small amount of weight the first 1-3 days, but by the end of my period I was down from the beginning. After seeing it happen the first time, I wasn't upset by it the second time, and I feel better knowing what to expect. What also helps is knowing that your body can burn fat even when retaining water (read that on this board and confirmed it with my coach!).
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