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Hi Everyone, I am following along.

Holly, He wasn't in the hospital for 2 weeks thankfully, but he was for a week and then we stayed in town another week while his parents were here. It was exhausting! It kind of broke down all of my food resolve and exercise resolve and then I started crying again and hiding in my bed... Sigh!

Fi, I am thinking strong thoughts for you. I spent many years of my life unable to eat/without being sick and it is not easy. I didn't find a solution until I started treating my anxiety(and it took another year or two for it to help!), so maybe talking things out with Bob would help to relieve those negative feelings and open up your stomach again. Or like Kathleen said, maybe taking some personal time to come to terms with the situation(internally not just interactively with hubby) would provide some relief for you. Just keep trying, some days are going to have time when you feel like eating, or when it is easier. I hope that soon it will clear up for you and I will be sending happy stomach thoughts your way.

I am struggling. Food wise, mood wise. It is always nice to come here, it helps to keep my head out of the black hole. I hate it when I feel so down and out of my own control, even though life is going well and the sun is back even. idk.

Hugs to everyone!
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