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Originally Posted by karkrazy13 View Post
I am confused on how to measure frozen veggies as opposed to fresh.

I have been measuring 1 cup of frozen spinach to put into my protein shake every morning. I have been using an actual 1-cup measuring cup for this.

According the nutritiondata website, 1 cup of frozen spinach (unprepared) = 156g.

I have a digital kitchen scale, so this morning I measured out 156g of frozen spinach, and then wanted to see if that fit into a 1-cup measuring cup... it didn't! It turns out to be 1-3/4 cup!!

So, I'm wondering if measuring frozen spinach by grams is the correct way to do it, or if I should be measuring it in a 1-cup measuring cup like before.

Any advice would be helpful, because I don't want to eat too little or too much. Thanks!
To figure this out, frozen nutritional stats need to be compared to fresh.

If my math is correct...
It looks like 1 c frozen has 45 calories (156 g)

1 c raw has 7 (30 g)

45/7 = approx 6.4 (I'm gonna round down to 6)
According to my math (if I did it right), you're not gonna use very much frozen spinach! 1/6 of a cup = 1 c raw or 1/3 of a cup would be equivalent to a 2 c raw serving.

It looks to me like you've been using 6.4 one cup servings of raw spinach in your protein shake.
Since we eat 4 c. veggies on IP, it looks like some adjustment may be needed.

If you do the math by weight, 156 grams in 1 c frozen. 30 g in 1 c raw makes 5.2 one-cup raw weight servings in each cup of frozen.

Either way, a lot more frozen spinach fits into a cup than raw!
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