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Originally Posted by twolabs View Post
I have had great success losing the weight with IP in past. I did it in 2012 and lost 50 lbs in 4.5 months. I kept off most of year but gained about 17 back towards holidays. I restarted at new year in 2013 and lost it all again. I struggle with maintaining. And I am back up again. Except with 27 lbs back. It came back even with calorie counting (under 1200 cals a day). I know my metabolism is not strong, but I feel like my body is more susceptible to weight gain than ever. I live a low carb lifestyle overall and by no means am pigging out.

I am frustrated with this weight gain and really down on myself once again for letting these pounds come back. I even started running 3-4 miles 4 times a week to curb the gaining and that is working but I can't lose.

Here's the question- should I go back on it once again? and after weight loss implement increased exercise to avoid the gain back once I return to a semi- normal diet? I wonder if this diet has really affected my metabolism and if I can ever recover it?

Feeling discouraged!
twolabs - wow, there is a lot in your posting to digest and some of it I do not feel qualified to address. But in terms of the weight loss, weight gain, frustration, I think I can recognize some feelings I have also experienced.

I cannot address the issue of metabolism, not an expert on that. But the constant yo-yo is something I have done and on IP when I have absolutely dedicated myself to it, I have stopped that for the most part.

My son used to pick on me for my constant on-a-diet-again. In my mind, I NEVER gave up the war. I would admit that there were many battles that I lost but that does not mean stop fighting and trying.

There are many books that people have recommended (Refuse to Regain) that I have read to try to get a handle on why I gain back what I have lost. Believe me, the losing it is the easiest part, the staying at the lower weight seems to be the hardest part.

All I can say is do NOT give up on IP as long as there is no medical issue. Read the protocol over until you have it ingrained. Stay on this site and gins from the experience of those who have made goal and get their advice. Examine why you think you may have had challenges before and plan how you can do things differently.

Hang in there! This is day to day life long war. It is not a quick fix, drop 20 pounds sort of approach. It involves thinking, reflecting, planning, and yes, asking for help and support! Good luck.

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