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Starting over sucks.
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Originally Posted by nelie View Post
Diamond, I base my comment on stuff I've read that show dental records of paleolithic people did had tarter that indicate they ate grains. Did they eat bread? Obviously no. They also didn't eat coconut flour cupcakes with coconut sugar (Paleo type recipe)

I just say do what works for you.

That's another really good thing to touch on for the original poster - Don't get bogged down in the fancy recipes too early or you may have issues. Some of them have quite high carb and natural sugar contents that while still better for you than a twinkie, may halt your progress. Plus it's expensive.

Honestly, I find it easier on the wallet, the clock and my patience to just have an off plan day occasionally rather than spend 9 hours trying to perfect an almond flour and avocado torte or what have you.

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