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Here comes the wild turkeys to feed, I'm watching them out my window as I type. I get a charge out of the big male Tom turkey. He's been all puffed up and parading in front of the females, they just ignore him. Sort of like in marriages, sometimes I tend to ignore Bruce.

I was just on pinterest looking at a 2 ingredient pizza crust for tonight. I couldn't bring the recipe up. Looks like flour and yogurt, anyone know? (No yeast in the recipe)

Congrat on all you who post their menus and staying on plan. I'm having a hard time right now. Bruce wants sweets in the house, I make, I eat.

Yesterday I made the mini muffins that taste like Tom Thumb donuts at the fair. I used Stevia instead of sugar. Good but not if I eat 6 at a time.

On that sad statement, I better get over to the gym.
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