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Good morning gals. Whooee it is windy here this morning. Sounds like we have a poltergeist comin' down the chimney. The temps are dipping back into the upper 40's too so it will be chilly today.

I have got to get something accomplished today. I had every intention of cleaning yesterday, but I was having some wacky breast pain all day long. She did tell me that on and off stuff might last awhile, but yesterday was bad so I gave up trying to clean. I will try and tackle it today again.

I bought several pieces of jewelry for the cruise. We are going to Nashville a week from Saturday to go shopping at Opry Mills. Jack wants some new running shoes and they have several outlet stores where we may save a bit of money over getting them here in town. We are going over on Sat and coming back on Sun so just a quick trip. It is only about 3 hours from here so not a big deal.

Here is my boy. Can you believe how big he has gotten. I actually cried at this picture because he looks so grown up. He is going to be 14 in June and Jackson will be 7 in June. They sure do grow up awfully fast.

Jean: You should have a pad of paper or a post it and when the phone rings jot down how many on in the pile then scratch it out when you continue after the phone call so you don't have to keep starting over. I had to quit using candles because of the gunky smoke they left on everything. I have a wickless candle heating thing, but it doesn't put out that much fragrance so I gave up on it.

Well gals I really need to start in this morning. Have a great middle of the week. Faye
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