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Amandie - Even tho you are leaving, I wanted to thank you for all your posts nonetheless. You have been so helpful to so many of us

Miss V - welcome! If you have any questions, the people on the WW threads are very helpful and insightful.

As for myself, it has been several days since I last posted. Life has been a little busy. I have two more weigh ins left in my six week maintenance phase with WW. So this week and next week. It sure has been a learning process. Currently I am three pounds under my goal so I am having to gain a pound this week. I am really surprised how many points are consumed by my daily exercise - I have had to add nine points to my daily total thus far. Not that I am sad about that - I'm happy to eat more. I am just dealing with the day to day concern of gaining weight and never stopping. Or eating a ton of food and never stopping. Tho, my feelings have become less intense and I am learning to trust myself a little.

Anyway, so that is my news
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