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I'm always hungry when I'm PMSing and when I'm ovulating. I eat an extra 200 calories these days and it hasn't hurt.

I get mad cravings for chocolate when I'm PMSing. But not any kind chocolate. I don't know what kind of chocolate I keep craving, it's pretty frustrating. I actually googled it yesterday. I've read that you're supposed to eat a bit of dark chocolate to make the craving go away but I'm still side-eyeing that article. If you can limit it to one day during PMS just eat what you want. You won't die or undo all your work.
I started on 05/30/10 at 253. After almost 4 years and many, many breaks, I reached 152 on 03/19/14. Now I'm trying to reach 130. After I lose the regain.

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