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I just wanted to take the time to explain something, why I may or may not be on some days as much in the future.

My youngest daughter has cancer. We were misled into thinking she was cancer free last year after she had surgery to remove several tumors that were malignant. Thank God I insisted on this surgery, and thank God for my diligent Nurse Practitioner who found us a great doctor in Boston for a second opinion, as I had concerns about what her first doctor did and how he treated it. Turns out, he handled her cancer wrong right from the start. Things he should have done- things I questioned him on because I did research on my own and knew of things that were supposed to be followed up two months later, he shrugged off, basically wanting us to be happy she was "cancer free" and to let her get on with her life.

Thank God I was persistent, for her sake. Now, she has to have radiation therapy, but the doctor said we can wait until after she graduates and is letting her enjoy the rest of her senior year, however, there may be another malignant tumor growing and one of her lymph nodes is causing her some alarm. Her blood tests came back "very good"- with this doctor, that means, we have some time, but..........need to get things taken care of.

It's a long process for her to have this radiation treatment. She has to go off her meds for three weeks, ten days before her radiation therapy, she has to go on a low iodine diet and stay on it until after the second scan is done, which is a total of two weeks. The week of the scan, we have to go to Boston four times in five days- if her blood test comes out good on than Monday, then we proceed with the other three days treatment, the last to which she will have the radioactive iodine radiation as well as a "pre-scan". She will have to go home for four days and stay away from kids, elderly, pregnant women, all of our pets (we have nine of them.......oy!), then go back the following Wednesday for a post scan. If anything lights up during that scan- if the cancer traveled anywhere, it will light up on the scan. She's hoping that it will clean up any cancer cells in her body. Praying nothing lights up that day.

She also has to have another scan nine months after that- to see if it got rid of all the cancer cells and to make sure it's out of her system. She was told at this time she can not get pregnant- it would harm the baby. She even has to have a pregnancy test the morning of radiation treatment- this doctor is just wonderful and on the ball- we love her. We know our daughter is in great hands. Hopefully, the radiation will clean out that lymph node and get rid of that piece of whatever it is that is growing- she's not sure if it is a tiny piece of thyroid left over from her surgery, or if it is another malignant tumor growing, but it is small enough and her blood tests were good enough that we can wait until summer to do this.

Just keeping fingers crossed that it isn't too late. We are remaining positive and keeping her in a positive mood- we don't want the poor kid to keep worrying again like she has been since this all start three years ago. She's such a sweetheart, so lovable and full of love, laughter, and life. My husband as well as my oldest daughter and son just love her so much, it's breaking us all up inside to see her go through this. She's my warrior, my hero.

Oh, and the reason why I will be not posting some days- I have to make some gluten free recipes that are low in iodine to have her test them out before she has to do this diet. She has a gluten allergy, so it is a bit more challenging dietary wise, but I will find a way. She's on a high protein diet now for Track and Field. She throws discus and shot put, and may dabble in javelin this year (she was afraid to throw it before, thinking she would injure herself, lol!). May she have a great last year in Fielding. If you can't tell already, I am a proud Momma of three kids- my world, my life. They are all very special to hubby and I.

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